"As a first-time father, I was surprised by how calm I was during labor and delivery thanks to the knowledge and techniques that Angela prepared us with. I was able to be a great source of comfort and support to my wife during labor and delivery because of what I learned in our birth classes. Angela helped to calm our fears and dispel many misconceptions we had concerning labor and birth. She showed us many comfort measure techniques that my wife and I used during labor that allowed us to avoid unnecessary interventions from the medical staff. "   -David, Durham, NC


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela and having her as my friend for 13 years now. In February 2014, she served as our doula during the birth of our second daughter. We were attempting a VBAC. After having a very hard labor and unplanned cesarean with our first daughter, I felt like the extra support would be important. Angela's presence during the labor and delivery process (which went great!) was very valuable. She was able to answer impromptu questions and give my husband and me guidance on what to expect next. But more importantly, she maintained a very calm and nurturing demeanor throughout the labor and delivery. If you are looking for a birth educator to assist you in learning about the birthing process or a doula to support you through a positive birthing experience, my husband and I would recommend Angela with all our heart."  -Caroline, Raleigh, NC


"After regularly attending Angela’s Power Flow Yoga and Yin & Yang classes for the last several months, I find myself craving them and looking forward to the challenge and restoration that they consistently provide.  Angela embodies a unique blend of confidence and compassion that creates an environment that allows her students to lose themselves in the physical and spiritual aspect of their yoga practice.  Her expansive knowledge of the human body and of yoga poses enables her to formulate classes that are accessible and fun for everyone in the room.-Katie, Durham, NC


"What an incredible pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience we have had with Angela as our doula!  She is extremely knowledgeable when in comes to preparing for labor and delivery.  She shared countless resources with my husband and I that were invaluable when the "big day" finally came.  During prenatal appointments we were thrilled with Angela's knowledge and soothing presence in our home as we practiced birthing positions, participated in yoga and breathing exercises, and talked over any fears or concerns we had.  During labor and delivering, Angela was such a calm presence.  She continuously reminded me of the work my body was doing and the wishes I had on my birth plan.  Looking back, I could not imagine my birthing experience going any better.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  There were a couple of instances where events started to lead to circumstances that were not desirable based on our birth plan.  Angela was quick to intervene and get all of us back on track.  We just loved working with Angela and would recommend her to anyone looking for a loving, supportive, and very  knowledgeable doula!" -Sara, Apex, NC


"Being a part of Angela's childbirth class prepared me to give birth and become a new mom without fear. Not only did Angela provide us with a wealth of useful information, but she was also incredibly approachable and caring. I would recommend her class to anyone seeking a competent, warm, and flexible instructor!"  -Courtney, Durham, NC


"Angela is an outstanding yoga teacher!  I have been taking classes from her for over 2 years and seen a dramatic increase in my strength and flexibility. Angela teaches her students how to begin with basic poses and build strength for more challenging poses. She always demonstrates techniques to her students and encourages them to work toward their individual best. Whether a new student or an advanced practitioner, there is always something new to learn!" -Megan, Durham, NC


We are so thankful that we hired Angela as our doula.  I had never considered getting a doula during my pregnancy until after taking Angela's private birth class in our home.  Her presence is very calming and she is extremely knowledgeable and patient with all questions.  She was able to reduce many of my fears of the birthing process.  Our birth experience didn't go according to our plans (when does it ever?!) but Angela was able to help us adapt to a ceasearan birth and remain a calming presence in an otherwise chaotic and stressful environment.  With her assistance, I was able to enter into the procedure with informed consent and get our special requests filled by the doctors and hospital staff.  We were lucky to have her with us in the operating room and I was so thankful for her narration of the procedure.  I wholeheartedly recommend Angela and her birth class and doula services. -Emily, Carrboro, NC


"With our second child we knew we wanted to have a much different birth experience than we did with the birth of our first child. So we decided to see a midwife and have a doula also. Angela was our doula and I have to say that we could not have asked for a better experience. My husband has anxiety, and Angela was so supportive to us both. She helped things remain quiet, calm, and go as smooth as possible. I can remember her sweet voice speaking positive and supportive words to me when I needed them so desperately. She made sure I stayed hydrated and that I had all of the tools I needed to manage pain. If I wanted to try something she was ready to help me! She also kept notes about my labor and delivery and later emailed them to me which was so nice. I could not remember everything but I am able to look back at her notes and relive one of the best days of my life! Angela was such a blessing to our family throughout pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum. I will never forget what she has done for our family." - Stephanie, Willow Springs, NC


"Angela was wonderful to work with. Upon meeting her as our instructor for our childbirth class, we were instantly drawn to her calm energy, her knowledge, and her patience. All of this was evident both in the meetings with Angela prior to our daughter's birth and of course during our birth process itself. Angela was always attentive, compassionate, and -- crucially -- she anticipated our needs before we were even aware of them and responded appropriately. She was a comforting and stabilizing presence during labor, and she provided inspiration and support for both of us throughout the process. We greatly benefited from her knowledge and expertise, and she always empowered to make our own decisions. We don't think we would have had such a positive experience if Angela wasn't part of it. We recommend her without hesitation. " - Joe, Chapel Hill, NC


"I am very pleased to provide a strong recommendation and testimonial for Angela Towers.  I was initially attracted to Angela's services because of her yoga training.  Having opted to practice pre-natal yoga during my pregnancy, I was commited to the idea of incorporating yoga poses and techniques into my labor and birth.  As we got to know Angela through our initial meeting and two prenatal visits, we realized that above and beyond her yoga experience, Angela has so much to offer her clients.  First, Angela has a very calm and soothing disposition.  This was essential to helping me get through the most intense parts of the experience.  Second, Angela listens.  We spent a lot of time talking about worries and fears.  Angela listened carefully and recommended resources that really assisted in alleviating these areas of concern. She also never judged our decisions or approaches.  She provided information to us to assist in the decision making process and then allowed us to confer and decide.  As a mom herself, Angela leverages her own personal experiences to help new moms and also assists her clients in gaining perspective by sharing general observations and insights that she has collected working with many other moms.  In reflecting on my labor experience, I feel that the positive energy that came from my support team in the room was one of the most critical factors in translating how I felt and reacted.  Angela was a key part of my support team and I'm very happy to recommend her to others." - Krista, Chapel Hill, NC


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